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Rules and Submission Info

So, you want to be a part of the project eh? Well, here are the rules. YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE OR RISK DISQUALIFICATION!!


- Before you continue, be sure to watch AniMix or The DDR and NES Projects to see what multi-editor AMVs are like

- You can create one video for this contest and only one!

- No comedy videos will be accepted, your video must follow the guidelines of your request

- Your video must follow AMVs.Org video rules (no hentai, excessive language or violence, etc.)

- The deadline for your submission is July 31, 2004. This may change depending on the amount of people submitting. Once you submit you will receive a confirmation e-mail telling you if you were accepted and that you can start making your video!

- This video will most likely not be shown at any conventions. That is not for sure though, it may be shown at a convention if possible.

Submission Through E-Mail

    The way this is going to work is that you are going to tell me what genre of video you would like to do. Keep in mind that I need a variety of genres so try to pick something different for a change! These are the genre styles to pick from:

- Action (of course! I need a lot of that!)

- Horror (you can substitute Action with this!)

- Dance (Some of the video could use Dance, but non-comedic dance.)

- Romance (Try to incorporate Romance into your video anyway, if you choose to do just romance, that's great!)

    Your first e-mail will be an e-mail telling me you would like to participate. I am going to hold you to this. Once you send me this e-mail and you make it into the AMV then you must participate. Unless you have an absolutely legitimate excuse you are participating, got that? If you would like to, you can review the track list and listen to the song (if you can) and suggest a track number. Your e-mail has to have the subject line "ANIME RELOADED PARTICIPATION",  This is an example:

Dear Ben,

Hello I'm Ben (We have the same name!) a.k.a TheMaan (on AMVs.Org) and I would love to participate in your project.

Here are my stats and what I would like to do in this AMV,

Username: TheMaan

Profile: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_myprofile.php?user_id=105806

My Newest Video: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=41193

Genre I Would Like To Use: Dance

I also have a track I would like to use: How about 0:00 to 0:56?

Thank You,

Ben Harris

    I will review your latest video and if you are accepted I will send you an e-mail with an MP3 of the segment I have chosen for you. If you don't like the song I chose for you then you can ask for a different one. Just e-mail me and I will e-mail you something else. You can review this segment and choose which anime you would like to use. After you have chosen those kinds of stats, then email me again,  This is an example:

Dear Ben,

Hey, It's Ben again and I'm glad I have been accepted. I have chosen to use the segment you sent me. It is between 0:00 and 0:56. I would like to use the animes Chobits and Gunsmith Cats. Thanks.

Hope To Here From You,

Ben Harris

    You will be sent a confirmation e-mail either saying that you are accepted or that you should choose a different anime. You will only be asked that if too many people have already picked that show. Keep in mind that you MUST be using DVD footage or else you will be disqualified. Trust me, I am pretty good at picking out Fansubs. But we'll talk about the technical stuff later! Once you get that e-mail you can start the video.

Video Guidelines (Final Submission)

- The video you submit must be received by September 4, 2004. This may also change depending on a number of different things.

- Your video must be decent quality or it will be rejected. You cannot have subtitles or logos on your video unless they are intentional.

- Your final submission will be at 720x480, if you have a widescreen source then add black bars to make your video 720x480. Your video will be rejected if it is not 720x480.

- The frame rate of your submission should be 29.97fps or commonly referred to as 30fps on some editing programs.

- Your submission must be either AVI or MPG. Your AVI can be either compressed or uncompressed. If you are submitting MPG then it has to be reasonable quality, only submit MPG if you absolutely have to, please don't just encode MPG because you can, only if you have to. But keep in mind, if your video is decent quality then your video will be rejected.

- The video has to have audio in it so I know where to put it. It is a very good idea to give me the time in the video your video is supposed to appear. The audio can be a bad quality encode because I'm using a final audio mixdown in the end.

- Be sure to add a little bit of extra clip at the beginning and end because when I do the final transitions between videos, it may not work if you just cut off at the end of your track.

Submitting Your Final Video

    Once your video is completed then send me an e-mail telling me that it is. You will have to upload your video to the internet via a public server. Preferably AMVs.Org. You will have to call your video Anime Reloaded - (Your Spot In The AMV) - (Your Name For Your Video) so that we can keep everything professional. This is an example:

Dear Ben,

It's Ben, I have completed my video and have uploaded it the the Org. It is under the name Anime Reloaded - 0:00 to 0:56 - Bounty Hunting Robots. My video is the one appearing from 0:00 to 0:56 and I was using the animes Chobits and Gunsmith Cats.


Ben Harris

    If the transfer is successful then I will post everyone that got their video in at the forums.

    That should be it! If there are any questions, post on the forums our e-mail me.

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