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What Is Anime Reloaded?

    Anime Reloaded is a Multi-Editor AMV that is organized by Flying Head Productions. If you have been living in a Rabbit Hole for your entire life then you may not know what a multi-editor amv is. It is when an AMV is created by getting many different editors to create a segment from the video and in the end, it is all played together as one AMV. It can be a lot of fun and in the end the results can get quite amazing!

What Song Will You Be Using For This Project?

    The song is called Mona Lisa Overdrive by Juno Reactor and Don Davis. It is a original composition from the Matrix Reloaded Original Score! This song features many different levels. Some parts of the music are sad and emotional while others are very techno-based and are perfect for high action videos!

How Many People Will Be Involved?

    The more the merrier. I am looking for, at minimum, 10 editors and at maximum 15 or 16 editors! That includes me, tee hee hee. If more than that amount of people join, then I will have to pick the editors based on past experience or videos and see who deserves to participate!

How Can I Join Up?

    Go to the Rules And Submission Info section for everything you need to know on how to participate and submit proper work!

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